Employment Services

Individualized Needs

We have maintained a small size in order to have our program meet individualized needs of each person we serve.

Community Integrated

We believe that every individual can work in an integrated community setting and we take pride in providing services that help individuals find meaningful jobs.

Employment First

Home Life works towards the values that
Employment First brings to communities.

Services for Employers

Oregon was one of the first states to adopt an Employment First Policy. We at Home Life share their philosophy. We believe that everyone can work and there is a job for everyone. People are healthier, safer, and happier when they have meaningful work. By working with Home Life, you are creating a more diverse work force and recognizing someone’s ability over their disability.

Our job seekers are ready to help meet your needs for dependable, hard-working employees. We offer the following support for each person you hire through Home Life:

  • Pre-screened applicants are matched with their skills to your workplace’s specific needs.
  • Job Coaches will work alongside our clients until they are ready to work on their own.
  • Transportation to and from the workplace is arranged for each of our job seekers.
  • Tax break incentives may be available for employers who hire people with disabilities.
  • Ongoing mentoring support for each person you hire, for as long as they are employed.

There are many benefits to employing an individual through the support of Home Life. We search diligently for jobs that meet both the employer and the potential employee’s needs after a thorough assessment of skills and interests. We utilize our assessments and Discovery process to identify where the individuals are best matched and what job they would excel at. We support individuals throughout their entire employment process, from resume building to interview preparation, and follow through with supports after a successful hiring placement. We will train individuals for on-the-job tasks and will provide ongoing employment supports as needed. There are also potential tax breaks for employers – please see the links below for more specific information about how tax breaks could work for you and your business.

Employment First Website

Participating Community Employers

Services for Job Seekers

We take pride in the wide range of services we provide for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially ongoing job supports.
Most services are through our partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Discovery Profile Services

A comprehensive and person-centered employment planning support service to better inform an individual seeking Individual Integrated Employment and develop a Discovery Profile.

Discovery is a service an individual may use when he or she has determined that he or she wants to actively pursue a job in an individual integrated employment setting within the coming year but the individual or job developer may require further information to determine the career or work environment in which the individual would be most successful.

Discovery is intended to be a precursor to inform and effectively utilize VR Job Development, although Discovery is not a prerequisite to VR Job Development.

Discovery includes a series of work or volunteer related activities to inform the individual and the Job Developer about individual’s strengths, interests, abilities, skills, experiences, and support needs, as well as identify the conditions or employment settings in which the individual will be successful.

Ideally, the Discovery plan will assess 3 possible work avenues.

 Job Development

The expected outcome of Job Development is sustained paid employment, at or above the minimum wage, and in an integrated setting in the general workforce, in a job that meets personal and career goals. Job Development includes support to obtain a job in an integrated employment setting in the general workforce, including:
Compensation at or above the minimum wage, but ideally not less than the customary wage and level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by individuals without disabilities.
Support to an individual in an individualized job an in integrated setting who is not earning at least minimum wage and who needs a different job or position to earn at least minimum wage.

Job Coaching

Includes the time when the individual begins a new job. This may include learning a new job and developing communication with supervisors and co-workers. Some examples of this support include:
Coordinating with others who support the person with services such as behavioral, medical, or other supports.
Assisting the employee to develop work appropriate relationships with supervisors and co-workers.
Collaborating with the employee and the employer to develop natural supports.

Workplace Assessment

This assessment takes place at a community business and seeks to imitate an actual work schedule and on-the-job duties. it spans approximately one month, after which the employer reviews the candidate’s skills and decides if he or she is right for the job. This is a temporary, unpaid position.

Job Placement

A successful job placement consists of hiring the individual with the goal of creating lasting employment in an integrated setting.

Job Carving

Tailoring a job to fit the individual’s skill set. This could include making a specific schedule, fulfilling a need in the business that is not met, or carving out tasks from a larger job that would emphasize the job seeker’s strengths.

Ongoing Supports

Supporting the individual after they are employed and ensuring that both the job seeker and the employer are satisfied with the placement. The ongoing supports include but are not limited to:

  • Shadowing the individual with the job to ensure that they are staying on task and meeting workplace expectations.
  • Facilitating any additional training needed to complete tasks and build skills.
  • Support communication between the employee and employer.
  • Follow up with individual to problem solve if needed.
  • Support maintaining positive relationships with coworkers.


Home life’s Vocational Office is located at 2105 NW Fillmore Ave in Corvallis Oregon. You can reach us via phone at 541-452-8026.